Still growing after 10 years of fidelity: Target done, thank you for a lot of fun, Sirs! L’Arc~en~Ciel L’7 2008 Shanghai

Posted on May 2, 2008


Today is like 2 weeks after me and my friend Rini went to Shanghai, finally, to see L’Arc~en~Ciel L’7 2008 Trans Asia via Paris concert, leaving us a sluggish, dreamy, weird sense ever. So, before I continue on this report, I wanna say thanks and big affective mammal hugs to everyone for supporting us!!

Friday, April 18th 2008. We left my house to the Soekarno Hatta airport at about 04.30 am in the morning, I drove the car and my mom accompanied us. I made my first mistake by entering the wrong terminal, so we had to take a way turn. Fortunately we still got so much time until the departure, but we’re just too happy at the time and laughing ecstatically by a thought of Soekarno-Hatta statue at airport’s gate that seemed to be laughing at me, because Soekarno’s gesture is like pointing at me with this look: “haha! you took the wrong way-haha” and Hatta’s telling him “oh, leave it..leave it..”

So, inside the airport I was desperately trying to get some magz to read on the plane until I found National Geographic special edition with such a coincidental issue about China(!!), and Rini bought a black belt Sudoku. We left Jakarta at 08.40 am, and both of us were pleased with the Cathay services, mostly the movie channel which cracked us up along the flight. It was because they have P.S I Love You and I am Legend dubbed in foreign language. Hillary Swank’s voice dubbed by a cheeky Japanese dorama girl voice, and Will Smith singing Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” in Korean..oh!

When we arrived at Hong Kong International airport to transfer to Shanghai, I met Isha, my college friend. Apparently we were in the same flight! She was going to transfer flight to Beijing to attend her father’s art exhibition. hahaha what a coincidence! We continue took a flight by Dragon Air and arrived at 17:45 pm in Shanghai. The weather in Shanghai was..GREAT. I felt a bit cheated, though.. by everything we read from internet (It said that the April in China spring is in full swing, and the temperature is starting to really warm up, and even KEN said something like if it will be hot in Shanghai). I swear, it was coooolldd. Usually I suffer in that level of cold weather, I could just collapse^^ but there, I felt so fortified remembering our planned journey to watch L’Arc~en~Ciel CONCERT for the first time in our life after 10 years!! After arrived at Pudong International Airport, we soon took the Maglev, world’s fastest train made by magnet levitation technology.

The number one obstacle was: language! Most of the people we met in Shanghai can’t speak English! I remember back then my friend have warned me about this but we’re too optimist about it and the result was; we spent more time in Long Yang metro station confusing about how to get the ticket. Because of the difficulty in asking people about directions and everything else, we tended to ask some foreigner, and fortunately at The Bund we met a nice French girl called Chloe. So, The Bund located in the west city, while our hotel located in the new part of Shanghai (East City) so we got there by crossing Huangpu River through the inner ring road. Oh I love the ringroad! It’s spanning so far away, flying over the city. It gives you a wonderful city view, although they have such a great structure buildings but seeing the name with kanji mostly at night when you can see them in flashy neon light, somehow reminds me of yankii culture ahaha! You can see infrastructure works all over the city, oh God bless the Olympic country! (the outer ring road on our way back to the airport was also so cool in the morning..) The Bund was beautiful and truly fascinating. We took a sightseeing ferry tour where we could see Shanghai Oriental Pearl and Jin Mao Tower, the 2nd tallest building in the world. At that time, we wondered if Tetsu was somewhere in any building around The Bund gazing at the river XD

On the next morning, at about 09.00 am, we went to places Chloe had suggested us: Nanjing Road, and Jing’an Temple. Before that, we started the day by checking the Yuanshen Stadium to see IF the band were doing rehearsal but nothing inside except people arranged seats and preparing the stage, and all gates were closed. We also met some fans outside the stadium. So after we finished the strolling around, we got back to the hotel to prepare our physic and mental.

Jing\'An Temple. with a wish to granted me at nanjing road yesh! before the concert


After we went back to the hotel, we tried to take a nap but got hit by nervous breakdown so we couldn’t. I bought a ‘Release Fatigue’ pills from the 24-hours shop called Q (where we also spent too much for groceries) near our hotel, but I was afraid if we get high during the concert because I couldn’t read what it says on the packaging. From our hotel to Yuanshen Stadium, we took only 4 station by metro. When we got there, we sms Liyan, our friends who got us the tickets so we asked her to meet at the Yuanshen stadium before the concert. We were wearing Kebaya as a form of our signature from Indonesia (yes, we’ve prepared them from long time agoXD)

We came to near gate 4 to buy goods and I found ONLY 600 RMB in my wallet (minus 470 yuan! and Rini’s minus 200 yuan!) I felt SO STUPID that we’re so lacked of consideration! Because of the rushing and panic attack we were acting in unthinking behavior. At one point I remember the secret wallet my mom has prepared for me. I always bring my passport and money under my chest, so I open it up in public place. OKAY.

with the stage

Aaaaaannd, we’re ready to throw all our energy and enthusiasm into something we had been waiting for!!!
We entered the stadium through gate 1, although all of the audience were also enthusiast and high spirited, the line was not too long and everybody didn’t over rush in, less haste than I had imagine. Our seats were on the 9th row and we sneaked in by other people seats from left to right (the middle) because of it. There was steady drizzle for a quite long time, so everyone were wearing disposable raincoat we bought from outside. An announcement in Japanese said that we had to wait for 90 minutes before the show starts and warned that taking pictures in unathourized. We got many acquaintances inside the hall, we made friends easily cos everybody’s very kind. It was raining and stop and raining again. Two row before us were empty, so the gang of girls in front of us moved one row to the front and they told us to move too! We’re confused at first but we won’t lose a chance to get closer the stage.. So the waiting was nothing in vain because we got so many friends (one gave us Tetsuism flag!). We were still recording and taking pictures when the announcement said that the concert is starting but everybody was also doing it too so we chosed to being stubborn. Yes because, we wanted to keep them in memory, I mean, IN SPITE OF the show we’ve been waiting for 10 years!! The see-through curtain heightened up to the top of the stage and covered it up. Although it was raining, it was joyful. I didn’t even feel the rain fall onto the ground, and soon we got the “Thank you for waiting” reward..

01. Get Out from the Shell -asian version-
The band played the song intro with the curtain still closed. So when they beamed a heavy light from the back of the stage, we could see the members’ silhouettes, except Yuki because Hyde covered him. Hyde improved some breakdance hand movement. In this part, I ‘could’ still handle my digicam steadily. Just before the reffrain, they raised up the curtain and showed the whole stage, and finally we saw the band playing in front of us, at the same time the crowds went crazy. I could see directly Tetsu in front of us, he was was putting together his best outfit: a bright pink blazer(with his fave custom badges) on the top of his white shirt, and black skants (skirt+pants). Hyde was wearing a thin black coat on the top of his white shirt and white tank with a monochrome graphic, black pants and a very cool black knee boots gripped his legs (his costume reminds me of Daybreak’s Bell PV). Ken was wearing his casual suits: grey blazer and shirt+black pants and Yuki came in his sporty red jumper and matching pants.

02. Driver’s High

I still recorded video when the song played (I’ll upload them soon) and I had to hold myself form jumping or releasing too much euphorigenic expression just because I wanted to memorize every pixel of their figures. Although the stage form didn’t steal too much excitement but I was really impressed with the lighting. Compared to the first song, where I can locked my eyes on every member, in this song, Hyde and Ken moved a lot so I almost lost them from my sight and most of the time I was only asking Rini ‘where’s haido?! where’s ken?!’

03. Killing Me

I almost forgot to enjoy the show since most of my vision spent in the viewfinder. But seeing the band giving the performance in high spirit, I put down my camera and jumped with everyone, that’s because I couldn’t help myself from jumping!

-hyde MC-
This was the time when we expelled our over-adoring scream. Of course, in Indonesian like: “HAIDO LUCUUUU!!” (Cute) XD ahahahahah!! such a great emotion because no one could understand what we’re saying, yeah we’re really wanted to traumatize everyone. I tried to ask someone on my right side to translate but she seemed to be so attached with what was Hyde saying so we just screamed like others without knowing anything except something sounded like new single. . .

And the more tension up song played, with the mystical lighting suspended from above the stage. The image that accompanied the song (played live) was amazed me and I got so happy because I took many shots of the member owyeah! Actually I wished they said ‘Korra, nome!!” XD sadly, they didn’t.

05. Daybreak’s Bell

Hyde’s hair started to look wet, he swayed and perched on the front speaker more often. I could still imagine his voice! Sometimes I missed to see the video-screen because the stage is really in front of us and fortunately, the seats were just adjustable> I mean, I could just move aside a bit to get a clearer view XD

06. winter fall

The number 1 surprising song. I still mesmerized with the song which finally I heard live. It was full of life and energy, I remember the lighting attraction, and amazed with the ambience on the background, like playing ‘winter fall effect’ which fit so much with the drizzle. Such an inducing moment to give a rise of tears, I thought, until the warm one rolled down to my cheek :’)

07. 花葬 (Kasou)
We thought they were gonna play Forbidden Lover! Because they played a recorded intro sound and we’re sure it was the signature tune for Forbidden Lover song, until we realised the backdrop showed red petals. The song was played, and Hyde moved rhythmically in ‘kasou sway’. Ken was too irresistible and he got trance in his performance. At around the end of the song, everybody was clapping their hands.

08. My Dear
The especially surprising song. I love this song just too much and it was something unexpected. This song was one of the piece I enjoyed most. The intro made me crazy, they appeared in hazy deep green ambience. I almost remember every part of the show, and my favorite part of the song was when the sound of Ken’s piano changed to his guitar. Hyde stuck himself in front of the mic during the song, only sometimes he lifted his head and swayed his hair in the air. I could hear the backing vocal clearly.
Rini said if the next song was ‘Eien’ or something more tearjerking she’d dieXD but the next song came out to be:

09. forbidden lover
By the song intro, we felt that the bass sounded a little bit unfit but it got fine only within a minute and the rest of the song went so well. The song came with red ambience and on the background. The ending light came as a dramatic flood light and at that moment Hyde did a vocal improvisation.. Everyone was so into the song, and I got oh so emo. :’)

Succcch a moment. I can still remember the inducing atmosphere, everyone was swaying hand all together. It was another best piece and I wanted to taste the every subtle savor. I could feel the wind blowing the fresh air as the weather was like turning so fine. ほら、風が 動き出した..!

11. Caress of Venus
They really hit the stage by a very energizing song, it was yet another “very concert song”. Caress of Venus, still sound so festive and old L’Arc beauty.

Such a very adrenaline heightened-song. Very lively that this song allowed everyone to sing along. Hyde moved and swayed much more. At around this moment he opened his coat.

-ken MC-
He displayed on the video screen his photos eating, in the subway, at Nanjing road, and everybody cheered up XD


So far, so very dance-inducing, tension-up song and they threw confetti and we got some by snatching from someone who “didn’t really need em” *oops*. Hyde graciously moved a lot which is basically in the template of “Seventh Heaven” dance. I was amazed with Yuki, his play’s always close to perfect..

14. Pretty girl

ooh the song says:

脚を広げて のぞく景色は, Well, I just love Ken’s obscene lyric. It really moved Hyde’s performance because, by the first verse, Hyde heat up the stadium by KISSing Tetsu on the cheek. I was in the middle of capturing that holy moment when Rini frantically shaked my human tripod XD but don’t worry, I got this one by coincidence (oh crap XD):

take it! take it! ハグしてキスしよう!
Hyde seemed to be more aggressive in this song, I wondered it was like the last fan service so far. By the middle of the song, he came from the left wing to the center of stage, then Ken came to the corner of left wing, at that time I couldn’t see him. In ‘vocal improvisation’, Hyde did more sighs, he also swayed his groin (OKAY I’m so fangril POV).

-tetsu MC-
I remember Tetsu did a solo bass in this section, SOOO cool, individually lighted under a hazy green light before all of the light suspended light came out and the band played:

The four of them sang for this song! They changed the vocal from Tetsu to Ken to Yuki to Hyde: As the intro played, Tetsu perched himself onto the front middle speaker and played the intro bass aggresively. Everybody shouted when he was singing, then Tetsu left the mic and Ken came in to fill the vocal which then continued by Yuki finally! Hyde was playing the guitar until he got back to his throne and be the vocal.


It began with Hyde saying, “Are you fucking ready?!” Like erupted fire, the band played the song in high spirit, making restless audience squealed.

-yuki MC-
At first, he waited for us to finish our cheering and squealing, and then continue his speech in such a fatherly gestureXD Yuki brought a text and visibly cute by reading it in front of us. He bow to the audience and Hyde was seen giggling at him. Then, the rest of the setlist was very good because it gave me a nostalgic moment, with their old songs


Very beautiful! The quick beat was likely to get the concert a never ending climax.

So far I can only remember Tetsu twirled in delight. Yes, he twirled a lot during the concert I was worried about him!

19. Link

During the middle of the song, Hyde came close to Tetsu again. And then Tetsu came with his banana, talked in Chinese and threw his banana in effortlessness!! I guess someone between the 3000RMB seats got it. *jealous*

-hyde MC-

20. あなた (Anata)
The final song. They allowed everyone to sing along. In the middle of the song they blew white feathers from the stage and because of the wind was directing to the left side, we tried to catch the feathers which was flown ahead of us. We always tried to snatch every feather flying near us which mostly failed, and after the concert we’re like asking the security to get us the scattered feathersXD oh how nice. The song..oh the song was too beautiful.

The concert carried so much excitement, the most intense one(oh li ke we’ve witnessed another one-..-;)! And open air concert in the rain was so impressive. Like it would taste different, if it wasn’t open air, and not raining. As far as we’re concerned, we really feel joyful, and a lots of surprises. And, although they didn’t return for a few encores (or P’UNK), it’s just the dose we taken. Until yesterday, I felt like a memory leak in my brain…

next, I’ll write about us conveying our imperative facts to Ken XD NOO I can’t-oh yes I must! For the sake of our souls!