I lost May in my lifespan.

Posted on May 16, 2008


I even forgot to publish my post about “Dexter, and Match Point” -..- meh:

I know. It’s kinda out of date but can’t blame anything like where was I on the moment. The recent TV series I’m watching, Dexter, was a hit series by showtime. This is one of the tv series I enjoy-joy-joyed too much. Sounds misfit but, among the grotesque gore and blood in the movie I brought aromatherapy burner with Spa Wisdom Bodyshop fragrance oil, Ryokucha tea along with the teapot (the whole set. cute!) to accompany. And the first time I watched was after my yoga lesson. So can imagine such a happiness I created in my own Zen garden. The story, is about Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter specialist forensic who is ironically also a serial killer. It’s a narrative style movie with his distorted thoughts, and how I love the smart lines, they make a real real good copy. I applaud American scriptwriters for the creativity. They craft everything even on a tv series! I feel a lot like a consumerican. Dexter’s rules stunned me, his allegiance on ‘code of harry’, until finally he found his own. It really twisted me, not only the appealing plot of the or the character per se, like the way Dexter dispatched all the problem off him. But personally, I don’t know, I just feel a lot of similarity, like in some part of my periodic life. I guess it’s about the way he thinks, or his social life. Dexter successfully drives a character so close to one’s mind through his narrative thoughts that finally so fit in my mind. I love Debra’s character too, and so agree with her thought about Lila, the gross English-titty vampire.LOL. This all about the mix of naiveity, a glimpse of certain human nature, comedy, and human bodies in pieces, of course.

Aaand yes, I watched all of them in one go. I borrowed the DVDs from Ina my college friend, which fortunately, I just finished the series last week so Dexter won’t be haunting on me again. I have a lot thing to catch up, I mean get back to that neglected final assignment. At the first, I’m such an ambitious fast starter but for this moment, I’ve been set nothing in motion. Truly, I’m static. I just don’t feel like it. I want some good mooood~! (LOL.This is a race against time project how could I say a thing like that!)… But. gotta find Jeff Lindsay’s novel first. arrhr.

Oh and recently I Thomas and Uber Cup 2008 in our tv chanel, I started at our path to quarter final (which we finally lose it) and our athletes are so cool! Since badminton is popular in our country, watching it with my friends/housemates got so hot. We’re shouting, screaming and jumping on sofa like Neanderthals. Although we lose the game from China (well, they’re just too undefeatable anyway..), it was still a good game. Oh I got a T-shirt from Tisha my housemate who watched the final game (thx!) she was very excited as usual.

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