At work on Saturday, and I love it.

Posted on July 3, 2008


because no traffic jam on my way home-office-home. And the question is why am I working on saturday? It’s because of this pitch. The one this naive and young feels excited to compete (with my amateurity and nothingness, though). I’m happy because it smells just deliciously new and I accepted this challenge with extra strength given by other people’s snob value. It’s true that when this pretentious people sneer at you, the more you got challenged. So just like any other young folks, I’m up and running again. woo-hooo! Some stories I would like to share:

Son of a Pitch!

First week pitching, day one two third, I was kinda thinking the industry’s worth like funny nothing. All, the idea, client, target, reason, research, review, revision that tickled me to death!! (This is exaggerating, right.) and feeling numb-a-dumb and telling myself “this is not true-where’s the sexy thing?” in fact, according to maslow’s hierarchy of needs, this job has actually fulfill me everything, from basic needs (foods are overwhelmed), secure (taxi voucher all the way), belonging, self esteem, even a self actualization (me as a masochist? it proved. It had been a hard day night and I’d been robotically working). I was molding minded before (soon) I found out for sure, that restless people get grumpy at work -insert management plan here- So, quitting when I have nothing to start? I laughed myself.. It was funny, cos once I came up with this kind of thought that I’ d rather be a housewife selling cupcakes and forgetting all my 4 years of study.

Quit playing game with my heart.

And then, at this early time, I thought about to make it good or enjoyable. yes. I was hoping we would really have a good thing going with this job. I’m still challenged after all. Some more extra strength was transfered across everyone in this team..we made our local jokes, general fooling-bullying-bitching, berserk in the night, photobooth and movie recording in ‘spare time’.

Crack jokes first. Idea Later

Don’t take it seriously. We’re seriously working. But I mean it, and the idea comes after. We really got our entertainment here (like Ali, our regular bully material). And like on last Wednesday, was Glenn’s (our Creative Director) birthday, so cakes are coming every now and then. And thank God, all of these exercises, get me muscled up.

The atmosphere was..

decadent. Yes, compared to the almost nonsense luxurious we had, it’s not tiring. Although we never got back at the same day, we’re happy wealthy healthy, like one morning before I left house, I received 12 hugs from mommy (4 for life, 4 for health, 4 for happiness) now that’s cute, such a rare thing Mom would do :D.  July 2nd, was the presentation day. So funny that I can’t forget when mbak Dita fell off the chair.LOL.and on the way back we couldn’t stop talking about the hilarious Job Ave’s building. The fatigue was accumulated and I couldn’t help myself to stay awake the next morning. And..finally some weeks just passed and good thing has to come to an end..(sappy part skipped), SO, thank you guys I had a wonderful time and learned about things! ahuhuhu. Oh and thank you my pet virus herpes simplex for not messing my eyes.

as a food, we’re like this sashimi moriawase. all good varieties and fresh on that day ;D

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