new family, new town, newborn wisdom tooth, and the abortion.

Posted on August 25, 2008


It was mid July when I moved back to Jakarta. Although my own room isn’t my new resident, I rather sleep with mom, than to stay there because, despite the room’s painted pink, too much stuffs are omitted from the massive move in and I need the right time.. (will there be?)

On August 3rd, my brother just got married. We’re soooo happy that everything went very good! The ceremony+party held at Satria Mandala Museum, Gatot Subroto. I fancy the decoration in the night party, we’re so satisfied that they considered put some beautiful ornaments everywhere, even on trees and pool..oh and the lighting made them perfect! Lukman said it was the best garden party he’s ever seen.
It was the moment when our big family gathered. I also met this new big family of Amanda, my new sister, and a little girl who calls me Aunty. Oh just in case, I’m the wedding invitation designer and pre-wed photographer. *smiley*

Having your milk teeth fallen out in age 20? at least that what just happened to me, in not a very normal way.. This morning I commited to a legal abortion. First, it was my latest wisdom tooth..half year ago, I had an operation because of this innocent newborn wisdom tooth don’t fit my small mandible, apparently. And that also happened to its twin, who was just born on the other (right) side, “you can’t keep that, you’ll get hurt the rest of your life” the doctor in military uniform said. (really, he scared me. it’s an Air Force dental health care, actually). And then, I had these cute double milk teeth, I called them my dynamic duo, (they’re also famous between my best friends). My old but kind doctor said they didn’t have any permanent teeth to replace them, and they were so tough that was why we kept them so far. But the military uniformed doctor said the different way, “As you grow old, it will rot and shrink to the most unbelievable size..” and that just happened so fast. I lost them. I share the sorrow and revulsion by keeping the three of them…

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