“Infidelity from Tokyo to Tenesse”

Posted on September 30, 2008


was the headline for a book titled Lust in Translation by Pamela Druckerman. I know, that I’m too young to experience, but since I enjoy reading it as a cultural studies (for actually cheating exams) that some people’s reactions are naive, as if they were genetically program to cheat on their spouse. From this book I can ‘fathom’ how people get wary of their spouse. This book contains detail examinations from the writer’s interview with ‘cheaters’, so it’s like reading an education journal from a master of cheat and affairs analytic, and doesn’t really cut for readers who prefer more made up stories (although it would be more hilarious). I borrowed this book from Tika my bruder, who just came to town from German. We had some great times, we went to bowling (forgive my double strike :p), high school reunion, fitness and yoga lesson, well I hope she enjoyed the jakarta trip package..

“I want you to raise your hips up!!”

Tika, Egi and I, went to “fabulous one in town” fitness center because we won’t forsake the free trial tickets from Egi (speaking of which by the way whom boyfriend is also a fitness guy -oh you tricked me!-) Tika and I were each handled by male masseur personal trainer,  and after the complete exercise, we continued the dehydration with yoga (note: we were fasting. and jobless) I had never been in ‘stretching yoga’ class so I gave a try. The instructor was, uhm, native youknowadamean and sooo vigorous and always caught me with so many mistakes. (I missed the tranquility of my yoga lesson in Bandung >_<) There was this kind of partnership poses, and just when I saw the pose I ROTFL as Blades of Glory movie recalled. But of course, I ensure the flat abs from the silent roar of laughters.

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