First time I wrote about my new job,

Posted on September 30, 2008


not as a student, or intern, or freelancer. It was mid July 2008, and post graduate syndrome turned me into madness. I realized that I was in the market of my own job. There I sent a portfolio at 5 am, when I was still at the office, freelaboring. At 9.30, I was called for an interview, and came another interview, and a sign on some sheets called ‘contract’. So there I was introduced to new people. they are nice. they are cool. they are new species. I felt like coming from an empty case, offering empty case, and spreading my legs empty case to be filled for the fact that I’m likely to be the youngest, although I have the reason that my 21 years old brain is not yet to be fully developed. There, I’d begun to fidget on my own chair and desk…But in few days, I felt more ease to face and exert something new, even the question “why become a copywriter” that might just have my answer in pagan voice. haha..

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