Good movie always raises me a smile.

Posted on September 30, 2008


Either a happy smile, or thrill, or awe, or ironic, anything. Elfit and Tisha and I just watched Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Troops) at Blitz Megaplex. This novel based movie, originally written by Andrea Hirata, as for myself,  brought more cheerful atmosphere than the novel itself. Talents were adoringly great, pulling me to enjoy every innocent chortles from every kids point of view, such imaginative, illogical experience. The sound directing was also good, (meh it was my rival-Titi Sjuman). The setting reminds me of Lahat, my father’s hometown.. When grandfather left him for the Police Inspector position at town (mobility was incumbent to him and my father wouldn’t give up on his school), he was only 9 years old, which was recognized to be grown up enough to make fishnets and sell them to fisherman, and to have a climbing skill for piles of coconut to help coolies. Thus he earned money by his own. Somehow snap me in the face that and I’m here, with all of these things, spoiled, with everything is still inadequate. emm..

The day before, the mass exodus

Friday was the weekend and the last day working, so I was driving back from Pacific Place to my house, after the 2 hours struggling in traffic chaotic as I saw this mass exodus. Ramadan is soon to be ended and holiday is here, and they call this ‘mudik’, the moment where people do their very best to celebrate Idul Fitri with relatives at  hometowns where they came from. Even putting safety beside. Even pinning their kids between them. Even enjoying the all day hovering carbon monoxide burn their lungs. That’s for the sake of the long journey overland. Salute to the ‘motorcycle fatherhood fraternity’. You can see how they turned every gas stations to convoy pools. crap the upright citizen rules. I only smiled, grimaced over the pain in my stomach for the last indecent fast-breaking I had. Have a nice journey guys, all peace be with you. And I feel like want to continue my painting…

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