Carpe diem, O Idun

Posted on October 24, 2008


Myy Birthday. ( 20-10-2008)
and I got a surprise cake from office people. A very kitsch and tackey, with a stack of doll head chopped off from the body that stuck at the edge of the cake (plus bridge, two princess doll, grasses, elses!) The cherry-on-top was actually the candles: “88/4” because the store didn’t have any ‘Two’ (such store for past generation haha!). the blue point guys! :



Actually I also brought two boxes full of choco cakes -it’s duck and it’s cute, really- for everyone so we had fun with load of cakes. At home I got a cupcake from my sister and mommy cooked tom yum soup. I never expected to receive so many phone calls but at least it happened for today hoho what a best birthday! thanks!

I thought I was Forever 21. Yes, for bidei present I bought me a shirt from the store

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