I want to.

Posted on October 31, 2008


Tommy Lee is coming to town, and I was really giddy to attend, without any companion. ‘Why?’. Cause, it’s like having this bastard boyfriend back in your high school which none of your girlfriends approve because he’s just a contagious ill-looking trash*ups*. I did ask my brother and he agreed at first (a free ticket gave him more consideration). Buut, after the long run we no going no. meh.

Hello to my new favorite shoes. I was actually going for a white walking flats from new-balance or nike (or puma, anything comfortable that grabs the ground). But when I went down for the book shop first, I found this at Zara: black, flat ankle boots with cool pleats details on the front that you would think it’s so nice to have it. Let me just say it bought it I don’t know why I became so lofty that day. I always love hard edges at fashion design (other than to match my hair) it’s just sexless and more versatile <3


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