Oblivious to the Obvious.

Posted on December 31, 2008


Trailing on the fascinating retro-ic invention of 60’s, you wouldn’t expect that this camera belongs to this era. I was strolling around the antique shop when I found this beautiful collectible Minolta 16. Another thought pops into my mind about 60’s most happening scandals, yes, you would think it’s a spy camera. Imagine prowling in the middle of the night with trench coat so vintage so..(oh there. I’m escaping to fashion again). I asked the seller to open it and show the film. Apparently it’s like 16mm movie film, I heard they no longer develop it except for special order. You can cock the shutter is by pulling and pushing/sliding the body! Unfortunately it has serious damage (i was so giddy to use it and see what kind of picture it burrrrrns!)
271896428_c93b2494f11 Because exoskeleton is always in and beautiful, we decide to collect insects and crustacean. uhuh.

They have been attacking Gaza again. People in the world must be condemning all the violence they’re using. There was a  demonstration in front of my office, we have UN in this building so. I’m praying at the most sincere sympathies to all suffering Palestinians. However..this Israeli typographer has beautiful piece. I think Hebrew has a very nice character for experimental treatment.

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oded. poster 'the Message'

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