Cat’s Cradle and Revolutionary Road

Posted on February 1, 2009


Revolutionary Road

Darn. I should have read the novel. Simply love the movie. Kate and Leo are too much to admire. My bf told me to watch it sometime and after I had, I know what he meant. I really know it supposed to annoy me. Thing is, it wasn’t really funny if I haven’t had used those same lines Kate says in the movie. In truth, I was like that of a neurotic melodramatic girl everytime we had conflict. Like, practically bawling him not to talk about anything, the ‘seemingly-heartless-sentences’ to handle her insecurities, or shoving him my rationale conscience while it’s barely irrational. Just because of that, the images of the movie was somehow  funny (in my kind of way) soo ironic that i applauded myself ironically. To be corny, it touched me personally.


I’m currently reading Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut now. Filled with mad scientist, random places and characters, there’s something in it, one which makes me trying so hard to be smart enough to find ‘the hidden message’. such a truly madly absurd novel. but nothing is weirder than my dreams. having seen a group of midget dressed in scout uniforms plus red bras and red hats to cover their bushes dancing in the funeral of a friend or komodos with tentacles and feeding shark is wildly illogical. though i find a lot of fun in these things, i believe there’s a reason behind it. maybe it’s because i always believe in logical reason, my uncultivated illogical side is being a rebel and take turn in my dreams? ah sheez, lemme just be proud.


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