Yogyakarta and.. chikungunya?

Posted on February 1, 2009


This fever has the feel of having your skeletones taken out, like boneless jellyfish (did you noe they came in bones once?)
Coming home from work at Wednesday evening finding my spine hurt so bad.. so my mom took me to doctor and he said probably I had this virus. I took 2 days off but I still kept my notebook online to work remotely.
It was so boring at days, and at night, sleeping was uncomfortably painful. The Saturday, we had to go Yogyakarta for my cousin’s wedding. In that condition, uhuh, soo damn heavy folks.. After I fainted the other night, I had to wake up at 3.am cos our flight was at 5.30.
But the trip made me slightly forgetting those pain. We had a lunch at Rumah Mertua (translated: House of ‘in-law parents’) it was so nice despite the food came out so darn late. It’s a boutique hotel with the touch of old javanese style hospitality, ‘course, away from city’s hustle and bustle. A perfect place to enjoy some solitude in the open air garden hotel-restaurant. They’re pretty cheap too, very different. I think I’ll stay there another time.

Next, I found love in Kasongan village. First I saw these earthenware jugs at my Aunts house, she told me that she got it only for around IDR 100.000 so the next day we went there. You can see ceramics making and galleries (usually a family business ran by local habitants and they live there too, so it’s more likely a village) that sell ceramics handicrafts and else, they are very special, all in modern touch. I can say a high art touch. Believe me, they’re world class crafts! But it was too late, darlings. Some of these big galleries was closed. I didn’t buy anyhting tho I REALLY WANT. Here’s some photo taken.

Such an exotic cultural trip I had for only 2 days, no?

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