Ill Action – Another way to spell ‘election’

Posted on March 19, 2009


Yesterday, I was asked about two things: If I was interested in looking at male body. I said no, despite of those heteroerotic nightmare I have, male body is not all that interesting to be watched for a long time. Second, I was asked whether I’m voting or not. Both successfully put my dignity in dispute. haha!

Okay that was all my dirty trick about sex as foreword. And this is just me playing devil’s advocate inside my head. There are enormous opinions we can collect about the election in Indonesia. At least for those who live in the urban hell of a third world country that teaches you with half-ass discipline.

I met some opinions that are esoteric in the extreme (and bit interesting). When you’re living in heterogeneity, being in the middle is awesome (think that way of being sandwiched). Well that’s what I’ve got from my years of public university (err-institution). So what’s with all the boycott-I don’t give a damn-that don’t impress me much-things? Now would you rather do something and regret it for the next 5 years in your life than not voting and regretting nothing? So I was at a gentle age of 17 the first time I voted. Back then I was a bit excited. It was a kind of self actualization of about being pride with my strength, my rule, in the what-so-called-democracy. With such limited knowledge, I giddily stabbed on the paper, my fingers got all filthy.

Five years passed with a lot of progression, or regression and the like as I promised my self for not making any lapse. So until this time I have no candidate to vote but I keep looking at those papers, articles and all that crap or maybe not, at least try to open my eyes, get myself closer to them, add some snobbish act so called ‘effort’ (I mean who should you believe in this kind of world aside of yourself?). Only because I don’t know them. Question is, why are not any of those smartest people I’ve known presenting there? Are they holding back, don’t want, or just don’t know how?

Back to the ‘vote or not vote’. Stand your chance. Smack me hard, reality. I’ve been participating in my life for 22 years old yet that means I’m taking the advantage of what I need until today with awareness of what have been through with it, with price, with what’s been taught in religion and all. And after all of that, are we just gonna wait to find out what will happen next? Being untouchable doesn’t mean by touching nothing. We can’t stay pure, can we? What I need now is something that can give me more of friendly feeling rather than patriotic feeling. At least we’re responsible with our opinions cause responsibility is healthy.

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