Random Construction

Posted on March 31, 2009


Been loving these:

Frost|Nixon (Frank Langella made me shudder in a mix of empathy and amazement), Sean Penn too in Milk, 20th Century Boys, Ponyo, Dangerous Laughter by Steven Millhauser, Fathers and Sons by Ivan Turgenev, Pluto by Naoki Urasawa. I want to link all the references but just like lazy now.

And wanting this: (the image below would appear in messy alignment. no idea how it works. bastard)


Jenny Saville wasn’t even 24 when she painted for the Holy Bible cover. Thinking about ‘what have I done’ simply making me sore and useless.

Please give a break to avoid the juxtaposition with the beauty of the first left and the rest.

My submissions for AOD. A friend of me told me to join. So I collected some random artworks and mailed them this morning (those are 3 from 4). What I had in my mine wasn’t that of the might-smell-like-deng headline (another muddy thinking about my possessiveness). I want to test my belief in ‘art’, want to share my control about my things and all blah blah :] (shut up and continue the ‘painthing’). So there there my little brothers, please:

Timunmas is Indonesian folklore. Illustrated colorful in mosaic style to capture the mood of fragmented (in somewhat surrealist style) world of a girl born out of a golden fruit blossoming with wilderness of the climbing plant, the affection of the old couple, the escape, and the monster. Illustration in watercolor.

Zeitgeist [Spirit of Time]
The color red and black represent the contrast in time and spirit. I depict time in a solid gear form, more technical, rotatable, but infinite, while the spirit portrayed by the elastic fabrics. The dynamic between these two objects is the ‘jumping’ or ‘leaping’ of the spirit through time past. Stretched out, some have to get stuck on it, some go on evolving, some spring through others. Mix media of used bycicle gear and soft elastic fabric.

The idea of myth linked with individuality, humanity and divine thing. Often inpenetrable or misrepresented, such a symbolic-blow-away like the substance of ceased fire. Mix media of photomontage and illustration.