Posted on May 1, 2009


watchmen-rich So last week I just watched Watchmen, been a while since I read the original comic version (at the very slightest). The movie filled with interesting and remarkable time and place settings, apocalyptic utopian ending (the joining of US to USSR), the somewhat offensive nose of Nixon, the overwhelming men’s buttocks (O, Jon.. you is dyzturbing like).

As always how the adaptation movie gets its unpleasant rants and it happens like such ubiquitous critics ever since the first movie was adapted from the ‘original’ artistic works whatsoever (you see.. movie will always be the villain of pulling it down) so it’s more like illegal not attacking it. That’s the deal haha. But don’t deny that it can drag you to crave for more of the original work. What about a movie as predecessor? I guess, adaptation movie is a sacrifice of an artwork. Well on the other hand, movie is the reviving power. Full of impact that you can get attracted easily and forgotten easily. Like one night stand (shut up. as if I ever do that). But in the end I have to say that this one’s still good and they (the movie and original comic) don’t share the same space to appreciate, if you pushed these two pieces compare each other, you would get mad I think.

I was thinking, damn you Snyder, you’re too quick to catch my attention with the music score/songs! Bob Dylan. Leonard Cohen. Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, and (can’t name it all, forgot). Bit driving me crazy, I mean, are you lazy or desperate? That’s such a cheat, man. I was crazy about the opening, you know the Minutemen part, the techno savvy cut with the slow-mo antiques, but it went a bit downhill after that. Don’t like the Mars part, the hyperbolic 3D madness (seems like client’s additional shopping request). And Jon’s story, too long and rather boring compared to the most impressing characters (of my version), like sociopath Rorshach and The Comedian. I can see a fine line between Watchmen and other DC stories. I’m waiting for Wolverine. So sad about the offline spoilers. Oh yeah the pic on the left is Richey Edward’s book shelf :]

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