What’s a Service?

Posted on May 16, 2009


Saw this horizontal banner at Sudirman:

Mari jadikan Jakarta sebagai ” Service City ” or Let’s make Jakarta as a ” Service City “.

Yep, despite the bothersome ‘space’ between the quote mark and letter S, the somewhat unintelligible sentence irritates me. To whom must we give a service? Do we have to service ourself, other citizen, or the local government? How I feel sorry about that. Speaking about public service, there was this episode of TV show: John Pantau the comic-overacting host, this time they were chasing after PNS (civil state employee) who instead of keenly working at their working hour, having some ‘happy hour’ out of the office. Some of them were seen at the local market, or on the ride going home. Their reactions varied from frantic runaway, fidget, to casual public speaking as someone who was being interviewed on TV. Yeah, TV show these days loves to expose issues around the private vs public constitution. But what I’m saying is that I have an awkward feeling of sympathy. I’ve heard a lot before. Imagine you have a salary limitation and you think that there’s something more important than sitting at desk clickety clacking pen with no task to be done, wouldn’t you stand that chance for any side job? Are you guilty then? Well nothing to justify this. What I have in mind is there must be something wrong with their job desk, or the bosses have no idea of what to tell to be done to these ‘yes-boss’ poeple who have no ability to initiate things, whose mind were seized by impotent-making bureaucracy. Isn’t bureaucracy the one who’s responsible for this state-of-the-fart! We pay tax as a futile attempt to keep this country clean from corruption. So the most reasonable bet must be: they will service us with their die hard exercise of Poco-Poco dance on August 17th event.

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