Saturday Screenplay

Posted on July 5, 2009


Though I had been scheduled ‘Screenwriting’ into my writing life long before, it’s the right time that finally came in. I’m doing it now yay. Harmlessly saying, most of Indonesian big screen movies are poor and lack of crafting. And nothing’s necessary to blame since it’s reciprocal to our ‘made up’ market. Would be funny to explain that I start the whole things simply to see it ends up and shaped into a movie. Not as deep as another wry amusement of patriotism.

Our second meeting was held yesterday and so for the next four weeks to discuss every progress of each scripts. It’s (mbak) Sekar Ayu Asmara who helped us delivering the whole screenplay things, with the spirit of her bold, idealistic, piercing opinion about the industry’s bitter truth and working ethic. Considering the multi creative field she’s working on with such achievements, how can I disagree to respect her as an aspiring person.

So the class went amazing that I quickly made up lot of to do list on top of everything in my mind. I’m tempted that screenwriting is truly challenging. I thought I was attentive enough about it everytime I watch a movie. But this time it should be done deliberately, not mere as entertainment. As soon as I got back, I hurriedly knocked myself into the bookshelf, slipped inside the blanket like baby, re-reading Sigmund Freud to make a multidimentional character 8D and such things. And the quick plan is: research and type and tweak and forth.

I like the way it gave me chance for new practical contact in creative writing. Let’s say-another recreation, boredom surpassing, from bunch of explorative routines: radio/TVC script, fiction, poem or even song lyric! O spicy thing.

My car has been pulling off a noisy sound for a week. I made a plan with this mechanic guy after the class but since couldn’t get to him on the phone, instead I dropped by mall with Elfit and bought this white slim Miss Selfridge. Size 6s. Ssh! Help me to stay low. After all those tremor terrors of  weightloss, my mind has been suitably delicate again. Like the yoga, I feel more balance with desirelessness. I cut the ‘intake adjustment’ cause in technique I was concerned that it’s quite unexpected losing that amount of kilos in 3 weeks. And since it isn’t shape what I’m after, more like vacant ambition. I was also concerned my lack of estrogen would get severe without meat supply. lol. Well, I won’t kill all my good cells if it wasn’t to aid creativity (crap, this word is overused while we’re actually abused and rejected when applying it to any form of life. haha)
Quote of the day: ‘Stay healthy is diet bluff’


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