Pardon me.

Posted on July 14, 2009


We all know that internet is the best place to cheat. It can be something that screws your morning that will consistently screw your whole day.

Today I’ve got this seller’s message in my eBay inbox saying that the item I just won and paid has lost in ‘burglary’ and apparently he sent the refund right away (meaning: giving no chance for me to respond). On the other side, yes, the seller did refund the payment. But is there anything that can compensate disappointment?!

My hunches: the price didn’t meet him, contacted the other bidder (or other way around) to win over my price and ʞɔnɟ with the item, so there’s no concern to be resolved (since I received my refund), and then closed the deal!
Ha! How I feel sympathy with this serendipitous burglary.

This stolen/deus ex machina plot is tricky because you can’t suspend the account and asking the seller revert to the resolve center to show any proof (like broken item). Well, you can put a feedback or comment to the seller profile, but careful with this, he might hit you back with negative feedback because officially he did nothing against the rules. I somehow wish that I could track this someone, anyone, and drag this greedy little skint to hell. There’s a lot of person like that. And the first thing you can do is: bitching, swearing, and chanting an instant bad karma:

“What you send into the Universe, is ALWAYS returned THREEFOLD.
Of course I’m joking about the last one. Ah well. Finished now with my emotional disclosure.
I. just. want. to be. Spock.
Meh :\


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