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Posted on September 10, 2009


Had a chat with fellow culturatis (cut the Thesaurus lingo) about things that have been haunting my nights. Though I felt meaningless to voice up and what I did was just being a sad smartass (and got easily pleased by it). There were little frictions between my generation and another ones above us (and poor me, they’re all experienced writers/actor/director). Anyway the topic was all about where we are. Like, how many people in Indonesia know where the name ‘Indonesia’ derived from? Defining about the difference between continent people and agrarians (was all in my college study, I remembered Pak Prim, one of those who’ve made one of the big impact in my life). From there, without wanting it to sound ambitious/heroism but now I’m gathering friends for ‘Nusantara’ project after I finished reading Sutasoma. I lost my words now.. will write again later. Give you hibiscus for now. I have many of them.

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(continued on 12 September) Every generation owns a spirit that will go where it wills. And I don’t even dare to define mine. Seriously, this is a lame subject, cause it just comes upon individuals. But looking at the layered and mixed perspectives, we seem like a ‘no culture youth’, suffering the symptom of political failure. We have such a pity consideration to value our culture. Say, the local clothing movement had been great until we find imported commercial artworks printed on every store corners. Not merely plagiarism, look at the overpriced batik in malls, do our craftmen got decent royalties? We’re uncontrollably directed toward instant matters to the bone, the mentality (that makes us become inaffectual youths). It’s so hard to feel confident about our culture. It’s so hard to be honest, to be not superficial. Indonesia-Malaysia cultural war was a great stimulus, but after so much fun of patriotic swearing and spitspatting (I’ve been hating my friends for doing stuffs), then it’s just forgotten. No action taken. Pardon my screwed up English but my wry sense of nationalism is just the same nonsense.

This though just popped because lately I’ve been researching about youth brands characteristic and it kinda brought me back to college years (it’s not like years ago, i graduated just last year). Those idealistic ideas and thought, ‘This will be wonderful! I’m gonna be a part of something big, something great!’  I missed it. We acted gipsy camp, got high with self delusions and adolescence illusions, all the senseless folly! How I envy the hippies. They made their own culture, music, their attitude, etc. Also the libertines.. perhaps aesthetically, if not ethically. So with such hopes and dreams I waited for inspiration and chance to come (which is never). Many things are before me, but with all the hype, it’s enough to be just aware about it, I don’t seek them out. I wanted to be subculture generalist. Then I’d become much interested to rebellion until it suddenly made no sense. I wanted to quickly graduate college and paid for free to make some award winning ads make money from a career in advertising making mainstream commercial ads. There, I said it.

And just soon I realized that circa my college-office bridging how passion made me a bitter person. I’d abandoned simple spontaneous pleasures for ‘competition’. The environment  I’d been flung into taught me to be uneasily pleased pretentious selfish. Kind of Übermensch ideal which restrained me from exploring more on my creative side/productivity. I’ve became ultra over calculated, and that my thoughts end in decimal (a thing I was countered of, tho I said nothing wrong with that). This train of thoughts, the tight deadline, reshaped my conceptual of being a youth. I feel so old with my sceptical perception on passion, whilst I’m just an advertising neophyte. That’s just funny.

So.. I feel like having a big leap to get out of this not likely mine field. I’m planning out to go outside the country to seek a practical knowledge, share a culture, art, language. I wanna put it on a test. Without running away from responsibility, I wanna know what would it be if i live my own way. Europe sounds nice.

But I’m so skint.

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