Folkloric Holiday in Medan

Posted on October 14, 2009


Ages ago was a small village, been used for trading, gambling, and tobacco plantation before then established as a town post during the Dutch colonialism. But from what I just saw, the capital of North Sumatra is still affluent as business area while keeping its classic value, like Becak (pedicab) and the good food.
Monasteries (विहार). I took some picture when visiting the old town along Jalan A Yani, the city’s historic core (very Braga and Kota Tua-like).

The legendary mansion of Tjong A Fie.
There’s a sentiment regarding the bad blood of Medan-Chinese behavior in doing business. Amuses me somehow that we’re such a nation rich of ethnic legacies, as well as the negative characters.


The country side I took while on the road going to Pantai Cermin (Mirror Beach). They have funny looking houses with such sense of pastel colors I love so much.
Our folkloric holiday lasted four days (me, Mom and sister), we stayed at Mami’s (my Aunt), the most powerful woman in Medan. Mami has a son and twin daughters (everything’s doubled up: two shower hoses, custom 2.5 x 2 m bed, etc.) and we played music, chatted and laughed a lot.. It was a very lovely stay, we could hear crickets orchestra at night and people reciting sad Batak song at Malacca Strait.

Music I listened to: Euros Childs – Son of Euro Child, The Waterboys – Best Of, Andrew Bird – Noble Beast, and Bob Dylan – Blood on the Tracks

The devastating Sumatra earthquake photos.
I remember when Tsunami hit Aceh in 2005, I wished I were there and could die with them.