Quintessential Counterspy

Posted on October 20, 2009


Been suffering growing pains for the whole week. First is heavy cold. Half deaf, sluggish and overdosed, I though the last earthquake was side effect or another thing made by HAARP

Then I was made aware that I’ve got ridiculous amount of RAW files to work on. Last week I did a pre wedding photoshoot for my friend Helga. The couple was agreed with the idea I proposed. I was inspired by 30-40s espionage, and Newseum Cafe at Veteran Street (where we previously did screenplay writing and discussion) it is, definitely. It’s an alternative room of cafe, art gallery, also legendary hideout place of Mata Hari where she studied Indonesian culture. I like the irony, where optimism was used as a counter-balanced of the great depression/post-war ambience of pessimism. Just like how they produced some musicals and comedies to entertain themselves. The zeitgeist: undercover, optimism, betterment, hope, mission, travel, togetherness, harmony, 30-40s spy, agent, etc.


In execution, I want the shots not perfectly lit, or ‘beautifully’ low-key. I want them to be just make sense. Not composed. I hate to say that I wanted me and my camera to be sincere (let’s say: redemption, because we’ve been such liars). And that’s the feel I got from Newseum Cafe. Like the era, they have this little cranny highlights and vignette in the corners. With the presence of dead areas, some of the image appears more alive. I also done the props and wardrobe, helped by Stella and Mira.

Just a leak from unedited stuffs. To avoid Frank Miller-ish look I will make it like less gloomy version of film noir (imagine the photos standing amid the flowers on the wedding day).

espionage set 2 B

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