Young God/Bad Thing

Posted on October 20, 2009


The Pan I Am

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This morning story:
I was driving into road where wind rose in frenzy and cottons blown away. Outbreaks from kapok trees I was passing by, time tangled, head was light, mind was delirious. And I realized. It’s not autumn. It’s the onset of disaster.

I knew there would be a lot of late nights at the office. Since I’ve been ill, I dedicated the tedium to make some epiphany. Been a while not having affair with brushes and water color made this very rough and not finished tidily :/. So this was inspired by Edward Eke of The Pan I Am and Pan the God. Though I haven’t got any chance to see the live, I really go through every emotions of the live shows (thanks to internet, my technophobia tendency was cured). Materials: granted prayer from Pan the God, frictions of bones, soupy zinc sensation of red blood watercolor. Next one is ‘Clarisa’, my reunion project of our design class. Oh I’m starting another project at this fashion magazine as a contributor :D! Psst don’t tell my bosses.

Oh, it’s 20 October. Happy anniversary to little moi, Arthur Rimbaud, Bela Lugosi, and Snoop Dogg (??).

So my official and unofficial works are going mental (I’m surprised at how many works I’m handling simultaneously), but I’m filled with gratitude today: mailbox full of birthday greetings (just like job requests), mobile phone was crashed too, cakes/gifts/surprises every now and then (yes! so with the creative briefs). I’ve been terrorized with sweetness. Thank you. *snob time over*
Being 23 is not so bad.
Oh, I’m so young, so goddamn.
Set me free.. (Patti Smith)

Bella gave me Mini Diana!
diana mini

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