Posted on November 18, 2009


End of October met beginning of November, another fine, eventful dates. Spent most of my hours at office and around the town, wandered through unfamiliar neighborhood with friends (streets, parks, etc. and somehow for solitary ramblings) and found some film ideas to execute with Bruda. Went to Instituto Italiano di Cultura to catch Europe Film Festival and currently listing down names of film I’m going to watch at iNAFF’09 (including Vincent Gallo’s Metropia).

Last Friday the Creative department had a gathering at our ECD’s. Practically, what he had pointed out was somehow a eye opener, not only that I’m (honestly) still a bit desperate to perform, I also still want to be around these people for longer while. Had a thought that the 45 minutes of eagerness enhancer would somehow be forgotten.. (no, not there yet!)

And most of it, we went to see Franz Ferdinand at Carnaval Beach. Despite the salty wetness of sea wind that got into your skin pores, it was really great. There were 3 venues, before they started, everybody rushed and filled into this one and got colossal mostly when song likes ‘Take me Out’ and ‘Do You Want To’ kicked in. Though I would enjoy more if the crowd kept moving without other songs being disposed, it’s just their third album is little known here. On one and only negative note: I was standing behind this ecstatically dancing ‘4L4y’ girl I meet at every gigs I went almost constantly (or fatefully). Whether she’s very multi-exist or she’s stalking on me.

I must thank Amang for showing me his book of Luis Sepulveda, ‘The Old Man Who Reads Love Stories’ it was translated to Bahasa but I found the translation is very fine and relevant, like how the nature of Sepulveda’s writing expressed in there. Making short of what I had from it, Ecuador is helluva paradise of sexy animals and good booze. Soon after that, I was recommended to read 2666 which I’m currently on page 300 something now.

Not only good things happened, had some frictions with someone I’m having kind of relationship with, still in same fashion of jocularity and dark humor, showing my innerchild, my disgusting egomaniacal disorder, my obsession for balance, including social standing and cash balance. As you see, living amidst the environment is full of award winning drama queens/kings/queers that forces me to define my own performance.. ha!

On high heels two days in a row doing manly job of carrying and installing photo panels. I’m thinking bout grooming.

This morning I took some photos of baby Annaya with Gun’s and Roses tees from me.

she has girly action on right pic!

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