Future Disco: Ladytron DJ Set at Blowfish Jakarta (12 March)

Posted on April 9, 2010


It was plenty cool when they brought up What Else Is There to start the party up with their lovely downtempo underground beat, and true that, it was going even more downer and less intense aferwards. Unfortunately the DJ set didn’t shift the transition smoothly. It was a bit early to leave the DJ booth but afterall this gave me a drag to the back corner and bumped into another friends and joined in. Enjoy The Silence was a quick success at last, and they also kicked out some ‘serious’ mash-up with remix of Blur, Justice and whatnots but what can I say since it was over and my friends and I were cramming at the corner for general gossips. This time it wasn’t as crowdy as the way the vanguard of Calvin Harris’ rock the club last February 5th (I went to with the same group of office buddies / Marlboro guestlist magic).

So talking about the look and outfits since I had my set of dark, ethereal, industrial, but baby WRONG. That night was not for electropop and new wave die hard fans. But feeling rather spacey, yes. Mira Aroyo and Reuben Wu looked chic, but again, they were a bit cold and less excited.

Overall, I enjoyed the party although it did not contain me with glitzy excitement like some buddies on high did, but thanks RNRM for adding some punch (thanks for the loves of Blur and The Clash!).