The year in summary.

Posted on January 1, 2011


So 2010 wasn’t the easiest year I’ve been through, but it impressed me as though I had been living a 5 years of pretty rough life during these past 365 days.

Learning to manage being in big crowds of people
Doing yoga regularly
Working as a Public Relation Manager
Developing a business
Resigning from permanent job in advertising industry
Accepted for three programs at Central Saint Martin College
Rejected by The Embassy of UK
Planning a Euro trip
Forgetting it
Coming back to the industry as a freelancer
Changing hairstyle
Losing weight
Gaining it back again in 6 months
Falling in love
Getting married
Moving out
Moving in
Becoming less hysterical
Allocating the manic side on other stuffs
Earning more positive outlook

I’ve found a lot to be thankful along the way. And though I didn’t celebrate the New Year Eve like the previous raucous years, I felt grateful with the recent successes of (me) and other people around me. Those are beyond tangible reasons to wish everyone a happy new year. Enjoy 2011!

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