Hello goodbye, suburb.

Posted on January 4, 2011


I just moved into a new house, my boy’s house actually. 33 kilometers away from the city’s heart (that’s twice the course from my parent’s house), 4 kilometers from the highway gate, a warm house with high ceilings and stairs which has made any activity a sport. The surroundings are very nice, and recreational areas are seen everywhere such like freshwater fishing, agro-park, golf, and else. It also has the best, cleanest running water around town.

Why would you leave such perfect home?

But maybe you do, when you can rent a room where your workplace is at a walking distance. And you can have all the cash for a Euro-trip by selling your car to join the bike snob club. And you can live more relax, by having the biggest pleasure of being on time (you know you can’t trust punctuality on other people but you). Extra time to eat something healthier, to throw in a load of laundry, to write a note to yourself to remember coming home and see your parents in quality time, plus extra money to save. So sadly I have to say bye bye suburb, and welcome a laborious work for lungs. I’m walking to the office aka place where I’m having this on-off relationship with.

Basically because I’m no more a permanent employee since almost a year ago but I’m still sticking around here as a freelancer. My closest friends have already left for good, and lotsa new faces to encounter. The shoe-business is running well, other chances appear now and then and I can’t help but dealing with other things to feel irregularly established. Maybe that’s the reason I don’t want to ‘get hooked’ at an early age to something, I want to chase various destinations (well not for my entire life), and of course that includes spending more times with the loved ones. So I don’t spend too much time thinking about career path since I’m determined in my every single short-term goal. Aren’t we all about destination addiction?

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