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The Court

November 14, 2015


A strange emotional tailspin sucked me in. It was almost like a free-fall, only with an unceasing, pervasive sense of confusion. I thought about how he died, not old and sick, with no family on his side. He was alone, and last seen by a stranger. A stranger whose life he had saved, while another stranger caused him death.


May 14, 2012


ソウ結うときに画技って うまくいえないのだろう Advertisements

Her Intravenous Vanity

May 24, 2011


Seriously. She?

Haven't you heard? She's got a disease.

There was an undertone of assertion in his words as he whispered me the rumor about you.. [read more...]

The Osseous Collapse

April 15, 2011


The smell of paraffin and wood flakes roamed, making a cold, comforting mixture inside the room. Junks were piled in the corner near the staircase, mostly chunks of wood, wax and sketches. There was almost nothing on the enormous, rustic, peeled wall... [read more...]

The Reeking Soul in Speech

March 11, 2011


I glanced up at him to address my answers politely, only to find just how bad the idea was. It turned out that specific position really mattered to deeply intensify the sensation. Before the smell grew even stronger and hurting, I looked away, facing the road in front of us.. [read more...]

give me one reason why i need to live with a man

February 8, 2011


Halfway Out

February 6, 2011


She was standing there. At the sliding gate in front of the ivory house by the side of the road’s curvy part. In the glare of the dim sunshine, in the sudden swirl of the dry wind, in the onset of uncertainties. Everything was uncertain that time, the weather could change anytime like the way […]