The Reeking Soul in Speech

March 11, 2011


I glanced up at him to address my answers politely, only to find just how bad the idea was. It turned out that specific position really mattered to deeply intensify the sensation. Before the smell grew even stronger and hurting, I looked away, facing the road in front of us.. [read more...]

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give me one reason why i need to live with a man

February 8, 2011



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Halfway Out

February 6, 2011


She was standing there. At the sliding gate in front of the ivory house by the side of the road’s curvy part. In the glare of the dim sunshine, in the sudden swirl of the dry wind, in the onset of uncertainties. Everything was uncertain that time, the weather could change anytime like the way […]

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A Boy Who Broke Into My Window

January 24, 2011


It was a quiet day when I decided to be reclusive. Before me stood a heavy flood of traffic, endless informations, people and habits I’d never need. The only idea I had was to lie high and dry motionless up here in my room, nibbling the herb plants that grew all over the wall. 0 […]

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That’s because when I stride around the earth it’s all colored with the life of the books I am reading.

January 11, 2011


I’m going to post a lot of my hand made fictions. I’ve shorten up some and rewrote some in flash fiction format. To my concern, I realized that many of the tales in the collection are not what most readers would call romance, comedy, grotesque, horror, fantasy and the like. They are just something that […]

Deus Ex Machina

January 9, 2011


Ever since the time was born, and the land was flat, the serpent had already noticed. That inside its inviolable adoration towards mother earth, a tree has always been attached to her highness. Unlike many trees that rose from the body of her holy earth, it induces the serpent’s pupils to dilate with jealousy, where […]

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Hello goodbye, suburb.

January 4, 2011


I just moved into a new house, my boy’s house actually. 33 kilometers away from the city’s heart (that’s twice the course from my parent’s house), 4 kilometers from the highway gate, a warm house with high ceilings and stairs which has made any activity a sport. The surroundings are very nice, and recreational areas […]

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