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The Court

November 14, 2015


A strange emotional tailspin sucked me in. It was almost like a free-fall, only with an unceasing, pervasive sense of confusion. I thought about how he died, not old and sick, with no family on his side. He was alone, and last seen by a stranger. A stranger whose life he had saved, while another stranger caused him death.

A Tavola (Long Way Home)

August 14, 2015


The wedding day came and it was perfect. Nobody was holding back tears. That said, my job was done here. Later on the evening, I sat on the porch wondering where in my body was going to hurt by tomorrow’s jetlag. Normally, only tedious thoughts could calm my physical stress. I blamed my “city life” nerves and my lonely-hearts relationship with my work. But there I was, caught up looking back at all differences between my sister’s every world and mine. Once a clumsy girl whose realities diametrically opposed to mine, how could she now have the security of fixed lives and plans?

A Bundle of Nerves

September 21, 2013


As a man, being alone feels dangerous to you. No one has your back. No one feeds you. No one takes up a watch if you vanish. No one appreciates what you do for them. Alone is when your wife is oblivious to your needs. Alone is when you're never fond of your only son. But alone is not young women of today that seem predatory.